Legislation designating Sauquoit Creek as an inland waterway for the purpose of waterfront revitalization has pass the state Senate.

The legislation was sponsored by Senator Joseph Griffo.

Griffo say by designating Sauquoit Creek as an inland waterway, local governments can apply for funding for flood mitigation and economic development that would further help local communities and the economy.

"By establishing this designation for Sauquoit Creek, communities along the waterway, which have been negatively impacted by flooding and ice jams over the years, will be able to seek funding that can help to provide much-needed relief for residents and businesses," Griffo said. "This legislation also will help these local governments apply for funding for important economic development projects that will be advantageous for communities along the creek. I am hopeful that this beneficial legislation will be passed by the state Assembly and signed into law by the Governor."

A companion bill in the Assembly is sponsored by Assemblyman Brian Miller.

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