There  are far more cancellations in the world of sports and entertainment than events still happening right now. As a matter of fact all the 4th of July fireworks displays have been shutdown BUT one of the traditions many of us have come to love is still happening. The annual 4th of July Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest will HAPPEN. Meaning Joey Chestnut will get a chance to do what he does best, eat more hot dogs in 10 minutes than any other man or woman alive!

Chestnut says he's ready to go. Even though many of the events he would normally use to prepare his stomach for eating 70 plus hot dogs on the 4th of July have been cancelled. Chestnut thinks the time off could actually benefit him on the 4th. He says his weight is way easier to control now. There have been some virtual eating contests to tide the champ over as well.

This year's contest will be held without fans, in a private location and there will only be five competitors for the men and five for the women. It will clearly be very different but I'll take it and of course cheer on Chestnut.

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