Joan Jett has contributed a song to Bad Reputation, the upcoming documentary about her career.

You can check out the new "Fresh Start," which deals with the problems that rock singers face as they reach a certain age, below.

“Sometimes you need to say to yourself, ‘Am I still enjoying what I’m doing? I need to find the fire again,'” Jett told Entertainment Weekly, where the track premiered. “Part of it was just thinking about rock in general. It’s always been a young person’s game, writing about sex, love and partying. As rock and rollers get older, what do they write about? I’m not sure there’s an answer, but we’re looking for it.”

Arriving in theaters and streaming services on Sept. 28, Bad Reputation details the uphill climb Jett has had in an industry dominated by men telling her that women can't play rock 'n' roll. "Tell me I can't do something and you know I'm gonna be doing it," she said in the trailer. Her entire career, from the Runaways and her solo success to the founding of her own Blackheart Records and her 2015 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is covered. The movie features interviews with Iggy Pop, Deborah Harry, Miley Cyrus, Pete Townshend and Billie Joe Armstrong.

"Fresh Start" is Jett's first song since the Unvarnished album in 2013. Over the summer, she launched a six-week tour of North America with Styx and Tesla. You can check out our coverage of the opening night here.

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