Americans love fast-food restaurants. Forget the health debate for a moment and just embrace the fact that you can pull up to a drive-thru, get a sandwich, side of fries a drink and dessert in about 5 minutes. That is amazing!

According to IBIS World, New York State has the third most fast-food restaurants businesses in the Nation with over 20,000 fast-food restaurants businesses. California and Texas are the top 2. Here are the Top 5 Favorite Fast-Food Drive-Thru Restaurants in New York State.

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Recently All Recipes did a survey of the most popular fast-food drive-thru by State. In their polling Five Guys won in Connecticut, Dunkin' Donuts won in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, White Castle in New Jersey, Ben and Jerry's in Vermont and Wawa in Pennsylvania.

The All Recipes survey also concluded that Shake Shack was the most popular fast-food drive-thru choice in New York State but I wasn't buying it. We took to social media to find out from YOU, real New Yorkers, which was your favorite. See the results below.

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Before we get into the Top 5 Favorite Fast-Food Drive-Thru Restaurants in New York State, here are the runners-up:

  • McDonald's at #8
  • Sonic at #7
  • Wendy's at #6

Top 5 Favorite Fast-Food Drive-Thru Restaurants In New York State

There are over 100 Panera Bread, 600 McDonald's and 699 Starbucks in New York State and none of them made the Top 5 Favorite list in 2023. We asked YOU, real New Yorkers, to let us know which brands are YOUR favorites and here are the Top 5.

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