While many in New York State looked to the skies at this week's solar eclipse, it wasn't the only phenomenon happening above in the heavens. A number of reports came in early Wednesday morning of a "bright green, almost neon color" light that was falling toward Earth, according to Fox Weather. 

But while this recent encounter seen in places like Peekskill may have otherworldly origins, it doesn't appear to be little green men we're talking about here.

Did Something Explode Over New York State? 

Scientists estimate that there could be as many as 500,000 meteors, or fireballs, that enter the Earth's atmosphere every year, but a big majority go unnoticed. Some do not though.

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One rather dramatic example was in late 2019, when residents around Saratoga Springs reported a loud explosion that shook houses, and lit the night sky around them. Some reports even say the sky took on a brief greenish, ghost-like glow after the apparent meteor (or bolide) exploded far above.

The latest Meteor (or something) Reported Over New York and Multiple Other States 

Fox Weather says the latest unofficial meteor sighting came early Wednesday, from around 3:40 to just before 4 AM. The American Meteor Society says they received about 60 witness reports, with some in New York state, of a bright fireball that quickly fell from the sky, and disappeared.

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ABC NY says some reports came in from near Peekskill in Westchester County.

The footage below was taken near Kutztown, New Jersey.

Witnesses in five other states reported the light, says the AMS.

Other Meteors Seen Over New York in 2024

There have been at least three other notable fireballs reported by residents in New York state in 2024.

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Back in January 2024, a resident's Wyze smart camera showed a bright meteor streaking across the night sky above Chestertown in Warren County.

Another fireball was spotted in February, as The Washington Post had reported that the  trajectory algorithm estimated the object was traveling from "southwest to northeast", through "western Pennsylvania before it disintegrated in the atmosphere."

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Another sighting was reported over multiple states March 19.

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