Working in the radio industry, one of our favorite things in the world is free food. Sometimes a coworker will treat the team to donuts. Sometimes a listener will bring in something fun they made or love. Other times, a business will bring us by something for us to try out. We appreciate all of these edible outpourings.

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Earlier this week, one of our sister stations was gifted some tasty bagels for us all to enjoy. Like when the ice cream man would come to the neighborhood, word spread quickly that there were some tasty delights in the break room. As though the beacons had been lit, the swarms hit, and bagel happiness was soon in the bellies of many of the team members.


As I approached the break room after being stuck in a meeting, I was excited. There it was in the middle of the table. A nice full bag of bagel goodness. Which flavor would I choose? Do I go with plain? Was there any cinnamon raisin left? Showing up this late to the party, I knew there may not be many varieties but there was still what appeared to be a full bag and I was hungry enough not to care what was left for me. I was ready.

I approached the bag with all of the gusto of a newly licensed teenager approaching their parents' car. I was salivating as i peered over the edge of the handle. I was then struck by a sight that has confused me ever since.


Seriously? No really...SERIOUSLY? It's one thing to take the last bagel and leave the bag. People do that all the time. I don't know what it is about food int he office that makes someone take the last of an item and decide to leave the box behind to dash the hopes of unsuspecting snackers all day long. But to break a bagel in half with your hands and leave the other half? I mean, who does that? Just take the whole bagel. No one is going to take this last half after someone dug their paws into it and ripped it in half, shattering its structural integrity.

I left the break room, scratching my head, with a little less faith in humanity to spare.

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