As a recent transplant, I know that it is hard to decide what activities one should partake in when you move to a new area.

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I can't imagine Aaron Rodgers has time to put together an itinerary to get out and explore his new home. What with practicing with the New York Jets and getting to know his teammates and all. But with so much to offer, I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps we could help Aaron out and give him a list of things he needs to take in during his time in the Empire State.

1.Visit Niagra Falls

This one would seem obvious. As world renown tourist attraction, I would think Mr. Rodgers has most likely heard of the falls, but has he visited? I could find no information linking him to the historic falls. So Aaron, maybe it's time to board the GO Niagara Train Service and enjoy.

2.Explore New York City

Take in a show. Visit Hell's Kitchen. Go inside the Statue of Liberty. So many options for Aaron to enjoy. As he has allegedly read up on 9/11 conspiracies, perhaps a visit to Ground Zero would be on his list.

3.Enjoy The Finger Lakes Region

Eleven long lakes. Just like commanding a football team as he has done so well for so many years. This may be the place for Aaron to come and relax and recharge his batteries.

4.Visit The Adirondack Mountains

Six Million acres of protected land. That's one million acres for every time he led the NFL in Touchdown to Interception ratio. That's got to make him feel at home.

5.Experience The History and Culture of The Hudson Valley

New York's rich history is on full display with the FDR Library and Museum and many mansions and estates. Perhaps Aaron will take that fat paycheck he is getting and move in.

6.Explore the Catskill Mountains

Scenic views and ski resorts may just be the right thing for the quarterback who is used to playing in snow. Perhaps he can find himself a nice area to consume ayahuasca without having to go to Peru.

7.Take in the Long island Beaches

With Rodgers recently single, maybe this is the place to find the next love of his life.

8.Indulge in The Food Scene

Per Artificial Intelligence - New York State is renowned for its diverse culinary offerings, from the famous pizza and bagels of New York City to the fresh seafood of the coastal regions, and the locally-sourced produce of the Hudson Valley.

Aaron can't argue with AI, can he?

We welcome Aaron Rodgers to New York and encourage him to check out all it has to offer.

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