My eyes work fine, thank you. I can see outside.

If you've read my posts before, it's no secret that I often draw lots of inspiration from my favorite internet cesspool, Reddit. But I also scour Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other manner of internet rabbit holes to find what to write about. But this weekend, they were all plagued with the same issue.

This weekend, surprise, surprise, it snowed. In Upstate New York. In December. I know, shocker. But being the warm December that it has been, this is the first snowfall for a lot of Upstate New Yorkers. And apparently, they all feel the need to tell you about it.

Everywhere I turn online, I see, "Omg! First Snowfall of the year!" "Ermahgerd, I Can't believe it's snowing rn!" Really? You can't believe it's snowing in Upstate freaking New York? It's the same thing with Daylight Savings Time ending each year. "Oh wow! I can't believe it's so dark out already!" I got news for ya, darling, it does that every year at this time. Do you have amnesia from the past 104 years when they did this?

Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with people taking pictures and posting them if the snow looks particularly beautiful outside, but there's a difference between that and when you're like, "Holy crap, it's snowing! Here's a picture of my backyard that I haven't cleaned since 2008!"

And sometimes, it spreads. It's bad enough when my social media feed is clogged with people who can't seem to comprehend that, yes, it's going to snow in New York at some point this year, but then when people actually text you about it. "Omg did you see the snow outside?! :D" "No, all of my windows are covered in aluminum foil so the aliens can't steal my brainwaves, so I can't see outside." Unless it's a horrendous blizzard outside and you're trapped in the snow, don't text me about average snowfall. And if there is a horrendous blizzard and you're trapped in the snow, definitely text me. I promise I'll be there as fast as I can to laugh at you.

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