New research reveals top states wanting to make a name for themselves online. Where does New York state rank?

A new study has identified the top states where people are hoping to make an income out of sharing their life on social media. Those in New York State prove to be the third most eager in all of America.

The study analyzed nationwide Google searches around launching a career in the industry to reveal where is the keenest to do so Home to many of the top influencers, the US was responsible for 75% of the global influencer marketing spend last year .

New York residents appear the third most interested in putting themselves in the spotlight online, searching about a career in the industry 42% more than the typical American. New data has revealed which states are filled with the most wannabe social media stars, with New York dreaming of the influencer lifestyle the third most.

The research, pulled together by Online Casino Comparison Website Kajino, analyzed nationwide Google search volume for keywords related to becoming an influencer over the last 12 months, to identify which states are searching about how to effectively harness enough fame online to make a living.

New York averaged 75.9 monthly searches per 100k residents, which is 42% higher than the US average of 53.5. Florida takes the lead as the state most obsessed by the world of online influencing, with 79.8 searches per 100k – a huge 49% higher than the national average. In second is Georgia, which is still 46% above at 75.9 searches per 100k.

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