It's the "mane" event we look forward to every single year... literally!

The USA Mullet Championships were held once again this year, drawing in the best flow from across the country to compete. It's the "event of the year" for some people, with others saying it's more competitive than the Super Bowl.

To be fair... nobody here is competing in the NFL. But they are fighting for the grand title of 2023 Mullet Champion. And who wouldn't want an award like this after rocking a mullet all their life?

This year's winner was once again from Upstate New York.

Mullet Champ -
Mullet Champ -

Scott Salvadore - The Lord's Drapes

Calling Stillwater, New York his home, Scott is the 2-time reigning Mullet Champion for 2023. Making history in the competition, Salvadore is the first contestant to ever win in back-to-back years.

In 2023 I have brought The Lord's Drapes back, longer and stronger than ever before. After garnering admiration and envy far and wide after the big win in 2022, I'm here to show everyone that this follicular fortress is the pinnacle of follicular finesse!

You can tell Scott, along with everyone else in the competition, has had an incredibly fun time with the event. Adding his own personal swag, he's proud to take home the title... hanging onto bragging rights for yet another year.

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Mullet Champ -
Mullet Champ -

Here's the announcement of the Top 3 winners in the 2023 Mane Event Championship

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If you're proud of your own mane, why not enter next year? You can see all of the other jaw dropping contestants on their website. See if you stand a chance to be crowned champ yourself!

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