One national fast-food restaurant brand is serving up more than just fast food in Central New York. They're also celebrating everyday royalty.

You can feel like a King (or a Queen) at Burger King because you're Whopper now comes with a crown.

You Rule

The national chain unveiled a new campaign with a modernized tagline, “You Rule.”

“You Rule” is about celebrating everyday royalty, and puts the Guest at the forefront of everything the brand does.

Employees are offering crowns to everyone, not just the kids. They're also telling all their guests "You rule."

So I thought I'd try it because I want to rule in my new crown.


Had it My Way

I stopped into the New Hartford Burger Kings for 2 Whoppers with cheese because that's my way. Although, I forgot to order one with no tomatoes for my husband. Don't worry. He still got it his way. I picked the tomatoes off when I got home. He was none the wise.

“Advertising, at its best, is most relevant to people when you celebrate them first, not the brand. And that’s what we love about ‘You Rule’ – it invites people in with an approach that recognizes their world, not just sells them stuff,” said Tom O’Keefe, OKRP CEO.

The campaign is working. It brought me into the restaurant because I wanted to rule while eating a Whopper and wearing a crown. Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference.

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