No need to get heated about it... just make sure you mark your calendars for these dates.

Though there still might be snow on the ground in most of the region, New York is ready to once again kick off their statewide burn ban. The annual initiative is designed to prevent wildfires in vulnerable communities during the spring.

Bonfire, dry yellow leaves burn in the garden
Taras Lazur

Whether you agree or not, it's important to follow the ban.

Why Have a Burn Ban?

As temperatures start to warm in the spring, leaves from the pass fall also begin to dry out. This makes for a perfect fire starter, which is then fueled by strong winds and the lack of other green vegetation.

The open burning of debris is actually the single-largest cause of wildfires in New York State.

Олег Копьёв
Олег Копьёв

Every year, DEC Forest Rangers put out dozens of wildfires across New York State. These fires spread quickly, some burning hundreds of acres of both farm land and forest life.

When Is It?

In effect since 2009, the NYS Spring Brush Burning Ban will begin on March 16th and run through May 14th. It's important to remember the ban, since even a small campfire on your back lawn is against the rules.

Beautiful bonfire with burning firewood in forest. Space for text
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The DEC does plan on meeting to discuss the burn ban, though it is uncertain what the topic of conversation will be. At this time, it is assumed there won't be changes made to the ban at this time.

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