Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley has extended his ongoing war of words with Paul Stanley, claiming in a new interview that he can sing and play guitar better than his ex-bandmate.

Frehley made his declaration while discussing his public feuding with Kiss in the months leading up to their final show in December. "I don't really understand what happened six or seven to eight months ago when Paul and Gene [Simmons] were in the midst of the End of the Road tour," he told Chaoszine. "They were saying really nice things about Peter [Criss] and Bruce Kulick and me. They were saying, 'We called Ace, we called Peter, and they're going to be on stage with us and play a few final songs,' you know, 'brotherhood' and all that bullshit.

"And then, the last month, once the show was sold out and they didn't need our help to sell out any more tickets, Paul Stanley went on The Howard Stern Show and said, 'Well, if Ace and Peter got up on stage with us, you might as well call the band Piss,'" Frehley continued. (He threatened to reveal some dirt about Stanley if he didn't retract his comments but subsequently backpedaled on his vow.) "That was completely opposite from what he was saying six to seven months ago, and I don't know why he said it, but it pissed me off, and after hearing that, I decided I wasn't going there. Even if he had invited me and given me a personal invitation after he had hit us below the belt with that comment, I would not have gone there.

"You know, I can play rings around Paul Stanley on guitar," Frehley boasted. "I can even sing better than him and don't have to use backing tracks."

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What to Expect From Ace Frehley's New Album, '10,000 Volts'

Frehley has been hard at work promoting his new album 10,000 Volts, which arrives on Feb. 23. The guitarist wrote and recorded the album with Trixter's Steve Brown and released the title track and lead single in November. The album also reunites Frehley with longtime collaborator and veteran session drummer Anton Fig, who played on "10,000 Volts," "Cherry Medicine" and "Fighting for Life."

"Not to focus on the past, but the songs on 10,000 Volts are reminiscent of the hard yet pop rock songs from Kiss' Rock and Roll Over," Frehley recently told Guitar World. "There's no bullshit in any of these songs. There's no filler and zero wasted space. Steve was great about helping me trim the fat."

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