Pixar fans are not too happy when it comes to the new short Carl's Date.

The short will hit theaters on June 16 and it is already a causing buzz, because Carl - from the beloved movie Up - is trying his hand at love once again.

Voiced by the late actor Ed Asner, a press release for the film describes Carl as "reluctantly agreeing to go on a date with a lady friend—but admittedly with no idea how dating works these days."

However, Carl has a friend to help him dip his toes in the dating pool, because his furry companion Doug will help to "calm Carl's pre-date jitters and offer some tried-and-true tips for making friends—if you're a dog."

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The announcement sparked a debate on social media since Carl's role in the movie Up focused on him traveling to South America in order to fulfill a promise to his late wife Ellie.

"No it’s too soon! His wife JUST passed away," said one Twitter user.

"Noooooo. He belongs to Ellie!" said another.

"Noo no. I won't tolerate this. Ellis was the love of his life," a person commented.

"I'm happy for him but I can't see him with anyone else but Ellie," another said under the announcement for the short.

It is currently unclear as to how dating in the modern world will go for Carl, however, Doug will be by his side the whole length of his journey.

Fans can see how the adventure unfolds when Carl's Date is shown before the film Elemental on June 16

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