If you haven't noticed yet, Halloween is in full swing all over Western New York.

It's hard to miss because all sorts of scary decorations have taken over all of the local department and discount stores, there are advertisements for Halloween candy and costumes everywhere, and of course, the arrival of pumpkin spice everything.

I'm not a huge Halloween fan but don't get me wrong, I can appreciate taking my kid out trick-or-treating, and I have had my share of fun over the years. I do absolutely love when autumn and the cooler weather arrive in the 716 as well; you get to enjoy all of the foliage, and who doesn't love a good fall football high school, college, or NFL football game?

However, one thing that comes along with this time of year is all of the crazy challenges that people like to come up with. You know what I mean, things like:

  • The Halloween Cookie Challenge: Where a bunch of bakers get together to try and make the best scary cookies,
  • or The Trick And Treat Challenge, Where people go above and beyond decorating their house in a Halloween theme,
  • or countless other ideas people have to ramp up the Halloween festivities.

Now, thanks to a few Buffalonians who like to creep people out, there is a new challenge here in the 716 that people are trying to do in the lead-up to Halloween.

What Is The Sugar Road Challenge?

Several places throughout the Western New York landscape have given people in the 716 the heebie jeebies for years, and now there are a few people who want to see if they are brave enough to traverse it on foot.

Sugar Road in Cheektowaga is one of those creepy streets, and people now see if they are brave enough to walk down this suburban road at night.

Now, taking a stroll down this street, this doesn't sound all that scary, mainly because it's only around 1/2 mile long; that is until you realize that Sugar Road is firmly sandwiched between 3 cemeteries and the road does not have any street lights, which essentially makes it pitch black at night.

So, will you be one of the brave souls who attempt to traverse the 2,431-foot-long road, or will you be chicken like me and avoid this street by any means necessary?

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