Are you traveling this summer?  Trying to hit up some spots across the country that everyone is talking about?  You're going to want to avoid this one in New York.

What Is A Tourist Trap?

There are certain places in the United States that tons of tourists visit each year.  But just because a bunch of people visit there, doesn't make them a tourist trap.  If it's worth the visit, then you should totally go and see it.

However, if it's just a place that someone created to draw people (and their money) in without really giving them much of a payoff...then most would consider it a tourist trap.

The Biggest Tourist Trap in every state

Believe it or not, there are tourist traps everywhere.  If someone can create enough hype and get you to spend your money there, they will. Insider would argue that there's at least one big one in every single state.  They put together a list that includes everything from the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California to Disney's Epcot in Florida to the birthplace of Elvis Presley in Mississippi.

What's the biggest tourist trap in New York State?

According to Insider, the biggest tourist trap that we have in New York is in New York City.  It's Times Square.

They say that not only is it crowded but it's full of expensive souvenirs and tacky chain restaurants.

I would argue that it's not about buying cheap stuff like that.  It's about seeing a place that you see on TV all the time with your own eyes.  You can see where the ball drops on New Year's Eve, or where your favorite morning talk show records from.  Sure, it's going to be expensive, it's New York City.  But this feels like there could be a pretty cool payoff.

What do you think?  Is Times Square just a tourist trap?  Or is it something that everyone should see at least once?

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