Illusionist Leon Etienne was stunned and surprised when his friends start sending pictures of billboards featuring him! He had no idea why or who was doing this.

Matt Stubley, VP/GM of Park Outdoor Advertising, wanted to thank Leon for setting a good example in the community with his positive attitude during COVID-19. The coronavirus has taken America's Rock Illusionist off the worldwide stage, for now. Still, instead of being filled with anger, he chooses to impact Central New York positively. Stubley says:

We embraced this as a positive PSA with Leon humbly bringing his magic from global stages to such a local level, sharing his positive attitude with all, during some trying times.

Leon is thrilled with the unexpected surprise. Friends were sending pictures of the billboards that went live on Tuesday, September 2, 2020, throughout Utica and the surrounding areas.

All I can say is...WOW! This is beyond awesome. I’m so grateful to the people who made this happen.

Leon is prominently featured on 6 digital billboards in the Utica area. Look for him at the following locations.

  • Arterial crossing at 543 Oriskany Street
  • Arterial near Thorn Street
  • Arterial near French Road and Chanatry's.
  • On Burrstone Road near Sunset Ave.
  • North Genesee in Monroe Muffler parking lot.
  • Commercial Drive in NY Mills adjacent to Symenon's.

"I cannot stop smiling. I read it over and over, and I can’t believe someone would do this for me. I’m going to head out this weekend and see them in person. I'm very excited,"says Leon.

This has inspired me to keep going. To keep magic alive! My work doesn’t stop now that the weather is cooling. I still have tons of requests coming in for backyard/driveway shows throughout the fall. If I need to wear a hat and gloves to stay warm... so be it. I will keep spreading magic in a world that needs it now more than ever.


Leon has been graciously entertaining families in their back yard or driveway while social distancing, selling out his shows at local wineries, teaching some of his magic, and his latest stint was finding himself performing his magic in 'The Binge' filmed in Syracuse. He made an impression with the producers and is currently in talks to work on other movie projects.

Park Outdoor Utica
Park Outdoor Utica

Leon was a finalist on NBC's America's Got Talent in 2014. Since then, he has sold out venues worldwide, including hometown favorites like the Stanley. He has fooled Penn & Teller on the CW's "Penn & Teller: Fool Us," he used his wizarding skills on the SYFY Channel's "Wizard Wars" and wowed Jimmy Fallon and millions of viewers on "Late Nite."

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