It's bracket time in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. For basketball fans, it's easy to make your picks. If you live in Central New York, you probably bleed Syracuse Orange. If you're in North Carolina, you're pulling for either the Blue Devils or Tar Heels.

But, when your favorite team's not in it, or you want to join in the fun, but you're just not sure who to pick, let the stars be your guide. Here's who to root for, based on your astrological sign:

-AQUARIUS. A unique personality, and a touch rebellious. The Age of Aquarius could be dawning for your Cincinnati Bearcats, a rough-and-tumble chic pick this year.

-ARIES. The ram is hopeful, energetic and adaptable. This describes Bruce Pearl, the mercurial coach of your Auburn Tigers.

-CANCER. The crab is perseverant and has a strong sixth sense. But the nation's top sixth man is out with an injury, so your Virginia Cavaliers must rely on their stubborn D.

-CAPRICORN. The goat is practical, but sometimes known for being a bit solitary. So, Kansas is your team, because they may end up relying too much on one guy, star guard Devonte' Graham.

-GEMINI. Charming, cheerful and smart. Coach Mark Few embodies the spirit of Gemini with his Gonzaga Bulldogs.

-LEO. The lion is proud, but sometimes wasteful. Your North Carolina Tar Heels do have a proud powder blue tradition, but also an inclination for turnovers.

-LIBRA. Always well-balanced, your freewheeling nature can be careless. Legendary coach Tom Izzo of your Michigan State Spartans has it all under control, except when his future NBA stars get a little OUT of control.

-PISCES. The fish is friendly and its sentimental streak can be a positive or a negative. The Michigan Wolverines are your team, with unsung Coach John Bielein, who once coached Lemoyne.

-SAGITTARIUS. Infused with a brave spirit, the archer always has a shot. The most accurate shooters among the top teams belong to Arizona.

-SCORPIO. Rational and intelligent, but also complicated. Good luck which version of your Duke Blue Devils shows up this year.

-TAURUS. The bull is hard-working, patient and logical. Your team is the Purdue Boilermakers, with their pragmatic style under coach Matt Painter.

-VIRGO. The elegant perfectionist is always methodical, often to a fault. The "V" in Virgo also stands for Villanova, with their well-coached, well-rounded game.

One of these teams (and zodiac signs) will rise to the top of the hoop heavens this year. Good luck in your brackets.


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