How high will they go?

Gas prices continue to climb in New York State and have hit another new record high.

According to the latest AAA Northeast survey, New York’s average price is up 24 cents from last week to $4.75 gallon.

The price is 57 cents higher that a month ago and $1.69 higher than May 2021.

New York’s price is 27 cents higher than the national average.

AAA Northeast
AAA Northeast

In the Utica-Rome area, the average price Is $4.71 a gallon, an increase of 24 cents from last week.

Last May, Utica-Rome drivers were paying an average of $3.07 a gallon.

“The high cost of crude oil, the key ingredient in gasoline, continues to push up pump prices dramatically for consumers,” said Patti Artessa, AAA Northeast Regional Director of Public and Government Affairs. “Even the annual seasonal demand dip for gasoline that we typically see between spring break and Memorial Day--which would normally help lower prices--is having no effect this year.”


Current Price*

One Week Ago

One Month Ago

One Year Ago

New York State





Utica, NY




















*Prices as of May 16, 2022

AAA Northeast’s May 16 survey of fuel prices found the current national average to be 16 cents higher than last week, averaging $4.48 a gallon.

Today’s national average price is 41 cents higher a month ago and $1.44 higher than this day last year.

Nowhere is it more expensive than California, where drivers are paying $5.98 a gallon on average.

The AAA Gas Prices website is your resource for up-to-date fuel price information.

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