With gas prices reaching a record high, the New York State Division of Consumer Protection has issued some tips to help people save money when they fill up.

Gas prices in New York are nearly double what they were a year ago and there are no signs they will be going down anytime soon.

According to AAA Northeast, the average price in the Utica-Rome area is $4.97 a gallon compared to $3.15 a gallon a year ago.

“After being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are looking forward to traveling this summer, but we are facing sky-high gas prices,” said Secretary of State Robert  Rodriguez. “These tips, along with Governor Hochul’s tax suspension, will work to help New Yorkers save at the gas pump.”

The DCP says in an effort to save money, drivers may be trying to carpool, switch to mass transit or purchase a new automobile with better gas mileage.

They're offering New Yorkers some other suggestions on how to save money at the gas pump:

  • WAIT until your gas gauge reads ¼ tank before filling up in warmer weather. Your vehicle gets better gas mileage with a lighter load and keeping the tank full can waste money.
  • CHOOSE the lowest octane recommended for your car.
  • COMPARE the price advertised on the gas station’s sign and on the pump to make sure they are the same. If not, ask which price is the one you would actually be paying.
  • AVOID filling up right before a holiday or weekend when gas prices tend to be higher.

It's also recommended that drivers maintain their vehicles so they can get the best possible fuel mileage

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