The new pizza, made with Froot Loops and cheese, is one of the new breakfast pizzas Fong's is rolling out at their Fong's location at 3018 Forest Ave., Des Moines.

I really enjoy the breakfast pizza that you can get at Tops Markets. The egg and cheese and bacon combination is the perfect cure for a hangover or just a regular workday. But the idea of having a great cereal as a topping isn't all that bad. It really opens up the potential for a Buffalo pizzeria to make a Honey Nut Cheerio pizza!

While we wait for the new line of Buffalo themed breakfast pizza, even during lent, there are so many great places to order a pizza from and everyone has their favorite. We spread the love for takeout around the Hamburg area. Our pizza night choices include, The Now, Bella, Eddies and Ninos!

The Top 15 Pizza Places in Buffalo

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