You may have heard people say dogs are better than humans and that we don't deserve these intelligent, loving animals. There are a vast number of amazing K9 police dogs, both across the country and right here in New York State that are proving the truth behind those statements every day.

One of those dogs is a local K9 named Bobby. He and his handler, Trooper Gardner, work with Troop E of the New York State Police, headquartered in Canandaigua.

As police were trying to catch a suspect on-the-run, the suspect stabbed Bobby in the face. Although Bobby was injured, he didn't let it slow him down in the slightest. The K9 was still able to track down the bad guy, and after taking a trip to the vet for treatment, he was cleared to return to his job the next day with Trooper Gardner.

The next day was just as action-packed, and Bobby ending up helping his troop take another bad guy off the streets. Good boy, Bobby!

Another New York police dog named Kiah is helping out her community while transforming stereotypes about her breed as the first pit bull officer in the state. Officer Kiah now works with the Poughkeepsie Police Department, but she didn't always have a great life. According to WREG, an organization called UniversalK9 rescued Kiah from an abusive situation in Texas, where they believe she was hit in the head with a hammer. UniversalK9 brought her in and started training her as a police dog. After a few weeks, Kiah got the hang of her duties and later found her forever home with the Poughkeepsie PD.

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