Utica beer is certainly a thing I was told about before I moved here. It has lived up to the hype, here is why.

I think it has to be the variety first off. I am what you may call a beer snob. Every few months like clockwork the craft brewers from all around the country will release a mixed 12-pack of many of their seasonal varieties. Saranac was always one of the ones I would be most excited for even when I lived in the Capital Region. It's a local thing, it's pride knowing this was made so close to me and isn't all across the country, or at least to my knowledge Saranac isn't. Plus, it's just so much better.

But it isn't even just the beer coming straight from the Matt Brewing Company. It's the cheaper offerings too. How could I even begin to write a story about why Utica Beer is awesome and not mention the famed Utica Club. Sure, I had Utica Club in Albany, but I had to seek it out from a craft beer store. It wasn't just sold at a Hannaford or Price Chopper. Almost never was it in bottles. But here I can get my fix on Utica Club straight out of a bottle if I wish. The best part is that I can just stop at a Cliffs on my way home and pick it up.

Oh, and also, Old Milwaukee is only sold in the NA form back in the Capital Region. So, CNY for the win again. Even though what my roommate calls "Old Mills" isn't even a Utica creation.

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