Craving a big adventure this summer? You may want to make your way over to Six Flags New England and take a ride on their newest attraction that definitely isn't for the faint of heart.

It's called "Haley Quinn Spinsanity." This newest ride looks like a giant pendulum, and has riders sitting in a circle on the outside of the "swing." But this isn't just a little swinging and spinning... This is a high-thrill ride. According to Six Flags, riders will reach speeds of 70 miles an hour, and drop over 15 stories, multiple times. All while the pendulum is spinning, so sometimes you're on the highest point of the ride, and others you're moving up as the ride is going higher. It makes for an intense experience, that's both scary and fun. Just check out the video of this crazy ride (at the top of this page), from BusinessWire's YouTube Channel.

Six Flags New England isn't too far away from Central New York. The amusement park can be found in Agawam, Massachusetts, about a three hour drive from the Utica area. Or, you can cross your fingers and hope Darien Lake Theme Park gets an attraction like this. In May of this year, it was announced that Six Flags was (re)buying Darien Lake, so we're sure to see some new rides, coasters, and other attractions in the coming months and years.




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