Oh, the irony. A company is recalling some of its hand washes in the U.S. and Canada after it found a small number of bottles containing a potentially harmful bacteria.

Method wrote in a press release that three lots of hand wash were affected. In the U.S., two lots of Method's 12-ounce gel hand wash in the sea minerals fragrance were affected. In Canada, the recall affects just one lot of the company's gel hand wash in the sweet water fragrance.

Method voluntarily pulled these products from store shelves after a naturally-occurring bacterium called Pseudomonas aeruginosa was found in select bottles. While this bacterium can be found in soil and water and is typically not harmful to healthy people, it can pose a risk of serious health issues for those with compromised immune systems if not treated.

During a year where we're all trying to wash our hands more often and correctly, having a safe and effective hand wash is more important than ever.

If you have one of these affected Method products at home, don't fret! Method is offering to help you check your products to see if they're part of the recall and give you a full refund. Check Method's website for more information on the company's recall.

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