Where's the beans? That's the question every lover of Grandma Brown's has been asking for what seems like forever.

Grandma Brown's baked beans have been missing from Central New York store shelves for months and everyone is going through withdrawal. Oh, you can buy a can on eBay if you shell out $200.

Credit - Ebay
Credit - Ebay

Are you willing to pay big bucks for one can of beans or can you wait for Grandma to start baking again? When we called to find out how long that will actually be, we were told they get 20 to 25 calls coming into the factory in Mexico, New York every day asking the same question.

What's the Holdup

Grandma Brown's granddaughter said they expected to be up and running back in January. It's now almost May and the production is still at a standstill. So, what's the holdup? Finding the right people to fill vacant positions and they have two more to go before the baking can begin again.

Interested? Call the plant at 315-963-7221 for more details on the job openings.

Grandma Brown's Baked Beans History

The real name of Grandma Brown, whose picture is on the label, is Lulu Brown. Lulu started selling beans during the Great Depression at local grocery stores to make money. They became so popular the family opened a plant in Mexico, New York where they are still made today. And all without social media or a website. The popularity comes solely from word of mouth.

Credit - Price Chopper
Credit - Price Chopper

COVID Shutdown

This isn't the first time Grandma Brown's Baked Beans have been hard to find. The plant was forced to shut down when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. But, if the company can survive the Great Depression and a Coronavirus pandemic, they can surely come back from a staff shortage.

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