What happened to Grandma Brown's famous Baked Beans? Store shelves are empty and many have questions. Is the plant in Mexico, New York where the beans are made, closing?

Don't panic! Grandma Brown isn't going anywhere. Rumors of the company closing down are just that - rumors. So why can't we find the famous beans on store shelves?

Company President Sandra Brown is getting a lot of calls asking the same question. She tells WSYR, they are dealing with the same problems every other business is having during the coronavirus pandemic - lack of staff. Once the staff is back to full capacity, stores will be back to full shelves of the famous baked beans. When that'll actually be is another question.

Grandma Brown's Baked Beans History

The real name of Grandma Brown, whose picture is on the label, is Lulu Brown. Lulu started selling beans during the Great Depression at local grocery stores to make money. They became so popular the family opened a plant in Mexico, New York where they are still made today. And all without social media or a website. The popularity comes solely from word of mouth.

Credit - Price Chopper
Credit - Price Chopper

COVID Shutdown

This isn't the first time Grandma Brown's Baked Beans have been hard to find. The plant was forced to shut down when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak.

If the company can survive the Great Depression and a Coronavirus pandemic, they can surely come back from a staff shortage.

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