The FX Matt Brewing Company is introducing a new alcoholic seltzer.

Saranac Green Tea Spiked Seltzer is available in three flavors, Lemon, Peach Mango and Raspberry.

Fred Matt, President of the FX Matt Brewing Company, says the Saranac Seltzer offers consumers a new alternative within the fast growing seltzer category.

We’ve found a way to trump the seltzer category; there’s nothing like ours available in the market today.” The addition of green tea was due to extensive market research.” said Matt. “It was a natural fit to add green tea to spiked seltzer once our research found an 81% overlap in green tea and seltzer drinkers”

The Green Tea Seltzer will be available in all of the company’s distribution network throughout New York State and will be sold in a variety 12-pack.

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