We all celebrate the milestones of our pets lives: their gotcha days, their birthdays, any of their firsts. Double digits is always a pretty big deal. A big "Happy Birthday" is in order for Donovan, one of the lions at the Utica Zoo, who celebrated his 10th birthday!

Donovan was born back on May 11 in 2011 to his parents Bakari and Monni, lions that were borrowed for the Utica Zoo for breeding purposes. Since the day that he was brought into the world, Donovan has been winning over the hearts of many in the Utica-Rome area.

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To let everyone in the community know that he was celebrating such a special day, double digits at that, staff at the Utica Zoo posted a video of photos from their archive featuring Donovan when he was a cub, up until now as a grown lion.

How adorable!

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that museums and zoos in New York State could move to 50 percent capacity starting April 26. Movie theaters can move to 33 percent capacity on the same day with other precautions in place, and large indoor arenas can increase capacity to 33 percent on May 19. There are specific rules and regulations that you have to follow if you plan on visiting.

The Utica Zoo is requiring masks be warn by visitors, staff, and for animal safety. There has been confirmed cases of COVID in animals in other zoos so they are continuing to take these precautions to protect everyone.

Open seven days a week from 10AM to 4:30PM, the Utica Zoo is one location in Central New York that you have to visit at least once. And, with Donovan celebrating his birthday, now you have a reason to head there for yourself.

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