A New York state man who stole a fire truck is going to be going away to prison for a while. The theft capped off a wild day back in December, that saw the man getting arrested four separate times in just one day. The 29-year-old pleaded guilty to criminal possession of stolen property, according to WKTV. It looks like he will also owe the fire department $50,000 in damages.

WKTV says the man was sentenced to two to six years in prison.

Police say the man had entered a parked Fire Department Rescue truck and drove off that day in December 2021, leading authorities on a wild chase that saw the driver hit two other vehicles as he entered oncoming traffic. WKTV says the chase ended up on the New York State Thruway, where he eventually got the stolen fire truck stuck in the mud. From there, police say the fleeing bandit tried to run on foot towards a nearby Walmart but was caught. Utica Police say the same man had been arrested three previous times that morning alone. WKTV says he had allegedly smashed through a restaurant window and broke into other vehicles that day.

In other news, officials just released details about an alleged criminal incident stemming back to New Year's involving hot sauce. Authorities say a New York state man was placed under arrest for the confrontation that happened at a Taco Bell New Year's Eve. WNYT did not indicate how this incident escalated, but the alleged confrontation lead to not only restaurant furniture being thrown airborne, but also Taco Bell hot sauce.

WNYT says that an Albany man working at the establishment grabbed some packets of the Taco Bell 180-degree hot sauce and let loose on a hapless co-worker. This comes after the suspect allegedly threw furniture at the same person. Police have not said what kind of furniture exactly was used as a projectile, though luckily he missed. WNYT says the 180-degree hot sauce actually caused burns to the victim after it was splashed on them. Fortunately, there is no further evidence that any other items from the Taco Bell menu were used as weapons that day.

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