The listing for this lakeside estate on Zillow says that it has one of the largest privately owned lakes in the Hudson Valley and at this time it is the only one for sale. This is not the type of property that many of us could afford but it is definitely the kind that we are all curious to see inside.

I have driven past the modest gate of this estate which I now know is called Auchmoody many times. Located at 201 Swartekill Road in Esopus it is easy to spot but hard to see. If you have ever driven to the top of Plutarch Road which ends at the entrance of the estate you have surely stared at the gates while looking to make a right or left hand turn.

The beauty of the property is whether you are at the intersection for Plutarch Road or you are traveling along Swartekill Road you can't see any of the property. It is really that private. It has been a mystery to me for 20 years. I had heard that it had once been a nudist colony but I thought that was just a rumor. Turns out nope, it was. I also heard you could land a helicopter there and it turns out you can.

Photo Credit Corcoran Country Living Jason Karadus via Zillow
Photo Credit Corcoran Country Living Jason Karadus via Zillow

According to the listing I think you might even be able to land a sea plane on the lake but don't hold me to that. No matter how you get there I am just glad I got to peek inside. It isn't often you get to look at a 20 Million dollar estate.

Look Inside a Private Ulster County Lakeside Estate that was a Former Nudist Colony

It is almost impossible to find anything like it. This 164 acre estate Name Auchmoody offers a rich history and everything you could want in a lakeside home. Located in Esopus New York, a short drive from Kingston and 90 miles from New York City this ultra private estate has an interesting history as a former nudist colony and a lakeside playground. The main house, the guest house and the private 25 acre lake invite you to arrive by car, helicopter or even sea plane.

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