Unfortunately when nature and modern civilization meet, it isn't always for the better. That's the case when it comes to this mother and her two fawns.

Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) Mathis was up in Erie County when he got the call of two fawns in distress. They were both trying to cross Route 5 in the Town of Hamburg, but they were struggling to do so. The reason why was saddening.

Deer Crossing Road,washington state

Their mother was trying to help her babies cross the busy road, but was hit and killed. So not only were the fawns now completely on their own, but they were stuck between the unknown behind them and the dangerous road ahead.

ECO Mathis drove to where the report came from and was able to find both fawns. He and another person who had pulled over tried catching the deer, but were sadly unsuccessful in doing so.

But that didn't stop him from trying to help the babies.

Small fawn curled up in the grass.

Over the next few days, ECO Mathis would return to the area to look for the fawns. He would find them, try to catch them, and fail. The process continued for the next few days following the original call.

It seemed hopeless until one of the fawns was found behind a nearby residence. It was malnourished and struggling to walk. Thanks to Mathis' quick actions, he was able to safely capture the fawn and bring it to a local wildlife rehabilitator.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Now the deer can get another chance at life, without the extremely difficult obstacle of not having a mother for protection.

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