If you plan on coloring Easter Eggs, then stock up on eggs today.

Have you noticed that super fresh eggs are difficult to peel? If you want to eat those beautiful creations and not tear them apart, then try buying your eggs now, and let them age gracefully in the fridge until it's time to boil them hard.

Wired.com says as the egg ages, it loses some carbon dioxide through tiny pores in the shell, making the egg white more basic. It also loses moisture which makes the "air cell" at the bottom bigger. These changes make an old egg a lot easier to peel than a one that is fresh out of the bird.

"Difficult peeling is characteristic of fresh eggs with a relatively low albumen pH, which somehow causes the albumen to adhere to the inner shell membrane more strongly than it coheres to itself."[Wired.com]

Now you know why you need to buy those eggs for Easter now.

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