The Bianca Michelle Devins Memorial Scholarship Fund awarded it's first ever scholarship on Wednesday at The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties.

Bianca's family created this scholarship fund last year to support the students who are pursuing a career in Psychology. It was Bianca's dream to pursue a career in the mental health field to work with adolescents battling mental illness.

The first to be honored with this award is Tiana Guzman of Utica. Guzman is a student in the Psychology Child Life Program at Utica College. It is Guzman's intention to pursue her graduate studies in art therapy. Bianca's family chose Guzman, in part, because of her love for art. Bianca's family said in a statement,

Bianca’s goal was to become a psychologist to help adolescents with mental health issues. From her own experience, Bianca knew how important this work is. Bianca was a talented artist who used art to work through her own mental health issues. Our family created this scholarship with the Community Foundation so that Bianca’s dream would be carried on through others. We wish Tiana the greatest of success in pursuing her career and ask that she keep Bianca’s spirit with her as she accomplishes their shared goals.

Guzman was touched by the recognition and said in response to receiving the honor, "As a single mother with a one-year-old son, this scholarship will help to alleviate some of the financial stress that comes with college. I can’t thank the family enough for that." In addition to her studies and being a single mom, Guzman runs a small online business selling her own works of art.

Bianca Devins was tragically killed on Boilermaker Sunday 2019 and tragically her gruesome murder photos were spread online. Congressman Anthony Brindisi recently introduced legislation in order to hold social medias accountable so that nothing like what happened to Bianca and her family happens again.

To donate to the fund visit:

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