An "explosion" heard in Central New York was likely caused by an alien...rock.

People reporting a loud explosion around 5:15pm on Labor Day likely heard the sonic boom of a meteor entering the earth's atmosphere, says one expert.

Robert Lunsford, of the American Meteor Society tells, "most meteors that enter the earth’s atmosphere are the size of a pebble and go unnoticed. Occasionally, a meteor the size of a softball or larger enters the atmosphere, and can create a light brighter than the moon -- and an audible sound, if the meteor burns up low enough in the atmosphere."

“This is nothing to worry about,” Lunsford said. “It happens all the time.”

Several people reported an explosion so loud is shook homes, prompting them to call 911. Accoridng to, 7 people in Onondaga and Oswego counties reported seeing a fireball.

Lunsford says the meteor most likely burned up over Lake Ontario, maybe less than 40 miles high, based on the sound reported.


Or it was aliens. Just saying.



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