Anyone missing two goats? A New Yorker was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving with goats in the back seat. The only problem - the goats weren't his.

Extra patrols will be on the roads looking for impaired drivers as part of
stop DWI New York enforcement during the Thanksgiving holiday. "So why the picture of two goats you may be asking," the West Seneca Police tweeted. "Great question."

Police say the two goats were riding in a minivan with a drunk driver. "Like extra drunk. Not surprisingly, they were pulled over for some extra terrible driving and arrested for DWI. Being police investigators, we quickly noticed two goats in the back of the van."

Photo Credit - West Seneca Police
Photo Credit - West Seneca Police

Since the goat holding cells were at capacity West Seneca Police joked. "We did the logical thing and called the driver's wife to come pick their goats up."

The only problem was, they don't own any goats. "Where they came from is a mystery that may never be solved," the police department shared.

If you drink this Thanksgiving holiday, don't drive. Call a friend, Uber, Lyft or any other service that can get you home safely. And don't pick up strange animals along the side of the road.

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