For many, the holidays are a special, fun time to make memories with loved ones. For others, it's full of triggers for depression.

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Let's be real for a minute. Right now, there's a lot of depressing thing happening. From economic insecurity to serious health concerns, 2020 has put out a full plate of the hard stuff.

Coupled with dark and dreary days spent mostly inside, from now through the end of the holiday season, remain vigilant about checking in with your mental health, and with your loved ones.

However, there may be something fairly simple you can control to lessen the impact of holiday depression.

A recent study finds there's one thing people do that significantly increases their feelings of holiday depression, but you're not going to like not doing it.

According to researchers at the University of Kansas, you need to put down the holiday desserts in order to avoid depression.

As well, research links a lack of sunshine and staying indoors to seasonal depression as well. However, it seems sugar heightens depression.

"Added sugars found in virtually all holiday sweets can induce metabolic, inflammatory, and neurobiological processes that are connected to depression and negative feelings," claimed the researchers.

"For many people, reduced sunlight exposure during the winter will throw off circadian rhythms, disrupting healthy sleep and pushing five to 10% of the population into a full-blown episode of clinical depression,” according to the University.

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