People who like professional wrestling sometimes earn a weird reputation. So a lot of times people don't understand why we love it so much. Here is why I do.

Some people like baseball, others like football, hockey, or basketball. I happen to be someone who likes all of the above, but the top of the heap is and always will be professional wrestling. More importantly WWE. Sure, can there be an argument made about whether or not wrestling is a sport? Yeah. I could totally understand someone saying it's not a real sport because it's choreographed. That DOES NOT make it fake though.

What these guys and gals put their bodies for to entertain others is something that I personally appreciate. They go through hell to put smiles on the faces of others, and the risks are massive. Concussions are real and so are broken bones, those things happen all the time. And yes, the blood is 99% of the time very real.

WWE was a staple of my childhood. I was much an outcast and very much so a loner in life. I wasn't popular and had very few friends. However, I knew every Monday and Thursday night I could count on WWE to remove me from whatever situation I was going through. WWE was there for me week in, and week out when I lost my dad in high school.

It was an escape from reality when life was really, really rough for me. So I forever will have a massive love for WWE and professional wrestling in general.

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