Seems like something you would know how to take care of, right? In case you didn't know, here you are. And yes, New York really has provided a tutorial.

Many people will just find the first spot where they can bare their bottom and not be seen and go, that isn't exactly what should be done. Or, it isn't exactly what the New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation is suggesting you do when you have to go two.

There Are 5 Nice And Simple Steps To Pooping In The Woods

Obviously, we all know how to poop, or at least you would think that. So step 4 below is already pretty much covered.

  1. Take 70 BIG steps off the trail
  2. Pick a location
  3. Dig your cathole
  4. Do your business into the hole
  5. Cover the hole

Let's Be Real...

If you're taking a scenic walk through the woods and feel the rumble in your belly indicating it is time to go, 70 steps seem to be excessive. If you REALLY have to go, good luck making them big steps. However, this is what they ask so you're nowhere near any other people using the trail when you poop.

It also is completely understandable that a hole should be dug when you need to go, one of the many reasons is because it just makes it less obvious you were there doing business. Also, because this is human waste we're talking about here. In the case of having to go, digging a hole may be a pretty difficult task.

Need A Visual To Fully Comprehend?

Did you know this is how you should be pooping in the woods?

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