Former Journey drummer Deen Castronovo has recalled how he’d wanted to pay Kiss $10,000 for the opportunity to jam with them – and didn’t even expect to get to do it during a concert. The bid sprang from his lifelong support for Gene Simmons and co, but it never happened, despite his industry weight as a member of Journey at the time.

Asked about having missed the chance to tour with Kiss because he hadn’t yet joined the Dead Daisies when they took the supporting role, Castronovo told Legendary Rock Interviews: “It was probably better that I didn’t, because I’d be such a fan stalker guy. … It would not be good. And now we’re doing the Kiss Kruise. They’re going to lock me up in my room, I’m sure, and throw away the key. I’ll be hanging by freaking Paul Stanley asking, ‘Can I visit? Can I visit and see you put your makeup on?’”

Expanding on his theme, he continued: “I actually told my manager, back when I was in Journey, I said, ‘Man, get a hold of [Kiss manager] Doc McGhee and tell him I’ll give Gene Simmons ten grand, that he can put to a charity of his choice, to play two songs.’ Not on stage, but at a sound check. ‘I’ll play two songs with you guys, and I’ll give you ten grand to give to a charity of your choice.’ It never happened, but that would have been a dream come true, man.”

Castronovo was fired from Journey in 2015 after encountering legal issues connected with his drug use. He recalled that he’d spent his early years completely clean and didn’t start using until he was fired from Ozzy Osbourne’s band in 1995 – three years before he joined Journey. “I experimented as a kid, but when I hit 21, I became a Christian, and I stopped,” the drummer said. “I did nothing for 10 years, until I got fired from Ozzy, and that was so depressing. I’m like, ‘Okay. I’m going to smoke some weed.’ And that weed went to blow, and that weed and blow went to cocaine, or to meth. And meth and freaking alcohol. It really got bad, dude. … I was doing amounts, dude, that would have killed a rhinoceros. … I don’t do anything halfway. I do full measure, or I don’t do it all. I’m grateful to be alive.”


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