It was a crazy Tuesday night in Liverpool as New York State Police and Onondaga County Sheriffs worked to gather a number of cows on the loose.

State police told CNYCentral that the cows escaped a trailer as a driver was traveling eastbound on the Thruway. The cows then took the exit to Electronics Parkway, traveled down 7th North Street, and eventually ended up near the Homewood Suites. These cows certainly get around!

The videos shared by the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office and CNYCentral are hysterical, as officers worked to block the cows path and corral them toward a nearby trailer. CNYCentral reports that, at one point, one cow fell into a pond and police had to use a rope to help it out.

Not your average night in Liverpool, right?

According to CNYCentral, police worked even after the sun set to corral the cows, but there's no word yet on if they are still on the loose.

New Yorkers had a little fun on the Sheriff's Facebook page last night during the developing situation. One woman, Sabrina Betts, even commented, "It’s definitely pasture bedtime, cows. 🐮🐮🐮"

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Does this situation remind you of something? Last summer, a herd of 75 buffalo escaped their farm in Sharon after breaking through a gate. Luckily (and after a LONG summer grazing in neighboring farms' fields), the buffalo returned home.

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