A COVID-19 surcharge has been appearing on bills across the country, as businesses struggle to recoup losses and make up for increased expenses due to the pandemic. Would you pay one to help out your favorite Utica-Rome business?

As businesses across the United States reopen, ABC7NY says customers are noticing an additional charge on their bills: a 'COVID-19' surcharge. The fee has ranged from 17% to as much as 26% tacked onto a bill at places like restaurants and salons. So far, we've seen no reports of these charges in Central New York.

Business owners say it's a way to recoup the increased cost for extra sanitation and supplies post-coronavirus. As businesses reopen, the need to socially distance also leads to decreased capacity at restaurants and other businesses.

Surcharges already appear on some restaurant bills when you're dining with a large party, so what about a surcharge to help defray coronavirus costs?

Some customers says they's rather see prices increase instead of a surcharge tacked onto a bill.

Would you be willing to pay a surcharge to help your favorite local business stay afloat as they recover from the New York shutdown? Would such a surcharge cause you to take your business elsewhere? How much would you be willing to pay?

Businesses in the Mohawk Valley region are set to enter Phase 3 of the reopening plan, which will include indoor dining at restaurants, and additional salon services. Safety measures include social distancing, enhanced cleaning, and mask wearing - all of which bring extra costs to the business.

Share your opinion: beth@lite987.com What do you think about a COVID-19 surcharge?


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