It's an age-old debate. Pizza. Where's the best spot to grab a slice? You seldom hear anyone agree. It's kind of like listening to a couple of sports fanatics argue over who's the greatest player of all time? Well, folks in New York and New Jersey take their pizza very seriously, so some may have been left wondering why another neighboring state wants to make pizza their official state food.

NBC is reporting that two state lawmakers proposed making pizza the official state food of Connecticut. Does this make sense? Well, there is Frank Pepe's and Sally's in New Haven, Colony Grill in Stamford, or Zuppardi's in West Haven, just to name a few. But should New York or New Jersey take to offense to this? After all, New York boasts that Lombardi's was the first pizzeria in America, since 1905. Plus, both New York and New Jersey tend to dominate the various 'best pizza in America' lists. Is Connecticut trying to move in on the empire State's territory yet again?

Recently, the Hudson Valley voted its favorite pizza in Boris and Robyn's Battle of the Best.

So, if pizza becomes the state food of Connecticut then what does leave for New York? New York kind of already has their own state bites, with the apple being the official state fruit. Yogurt is the state snack, and the apple muffin is the state muffin. Connecticut currently doesn't have anything designated as an official food. So, if not pizza, then what should be our top food? Bagels? Cheesecake? Pretzels?

And on a completely different topic, should New York have its own official state dinosaur?  A lawmaker from Massachusetts recently proposed a bill to name their own state dinosaur. Currently, there there are several other states that have official dinosaurs to represent them. What should New York's be?

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