Not only has Reannyn Weiler competed and medaled for the United States at the Winter Youth Olympic Games, she was also one of this year's flag bearers at the games' opening ceremonies.

According to the Observer-Dispatch, the 17-year-old from Whitesboro is in her third year competing in luge and was a part of the historic debut of women's doubles luge last year. This year's Youth Olympic Games in Switzerland kicked off with opening ceremonies in two cities, and Weiler represented America as a flag bearer at the St. Moritz ceremony January 9, according to the OD. Her teammate Maya Chan will bore the flag at the ceremony in Lausanne.

“It’s nice to know my teammates voted for me and that they thought I would be a good choice,” Weiler told the OD. “When you have other sports choosing, it’s nice to know that we’re recognized throughout the U.S. delegation.”

WKTV shared this video of Weiler talking about the opportunity and what it means to have support from everyone in central New York.

"I just want to say thank you," Weiler said in the video. "It's really awesome to have the support back home from everyone. It's a super unique experience I get to have and I'm super happy that everyone's excited back there."

Get it, girl!

The Youth Olympic Games allow athletes ages 15 to 18 from over 200 countries around the world to compete at the highest level. There are seven events in the winter games and 28 in the summer games.

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