A central New York boy is getting his wish to play the drums with both hands for Christmas. And he has a student at Central Valley to thank.

9 year-old Thomas Roy was born without the lower part of his left arm. He hasn't let it slow him down and can do most things kids do. But two hands are needed to play the drums, something Ray has dreamed of.

Gabriel Fuentes, a jr at CVS, is making Ray's wish come true with a new prosthetic that can hold a drum stick. The project is part of his World of Technology class and Fuentes says he started with a search on the internet for ideas. "I only found maybe one or two different models people had made. I took different pieces from both and made it my own."

Fuentes and Roy got together before Thanksgiving for the first fitting. "After meeting the first time, it made it more real and more impactful on me." Fuentes will make a few changes to the prosthetic and hopes to have the final version ready for Roy just in time for Christmas.

I bet Santa already has the drums ready for delivery. He may want to bring along some earplugs too. It sounds like it'll be a loud Christmas season at the Roy household.

What started as a school project has turned into a Christmas miracle that will warm your heart this season.

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