Some serious accumulating snow could be headed to Central New York this weekend. Or maybe just regular snow. It'll probably be cold though.

The National Weather Service has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for the coming days, warning of accumulating snow to start later this week:

"Gusty winds will be accompanied by accumulating lake snows that
will persist into Thursday night. Twenty four to thirty six hour
snowfall amounts will generally range from 4 to 7 inches.

Deep low pressure will then move across the region this weekend.
This system will produce widespread accumulating snow on Saturday and
potentially very strong winds Saturday night and Sunday. Additional
accumulations of lake effect snow are expected on Sunday when the
strong winds could support near white out conditions at times."

Does that mean we need to start stocking up on bread and water? Depends on who you ask.

WKTV Chief Meteorologist posted the following on his Facebook page on Sunday: "Seven day snowfall forecasts are not accurate. Please stop sharing unreliable information."

He followed that post up with a football analogy.


The bottom line, according to Kardas, "it’s beyond the scope of modern day science to say how much snow is going to fall 7 days in advance. We’re not there yet. All I can reasonably say is we’ve got something to watch."

So I guess we'll keep watching as the forecast develops. We can predict this with 100% accuracy: it's either gonna snow, or it won't.

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