Believe it or not, it’s almost time to deck the halls and trim the trees for the holiday season - but how much will it cost you?

Whether you’re divided on the debate of a “fake” tree versus a real one, decorating the Christmas tree is a standard part of millions of New Yorkers’ holiday traditions.

But, like everything else we’ve bought in 2022, it looks like you’ll be paying more for a real tree this year than you did last year.

Why Will Real Christmas Trees Be More Expensive This Year In New York State?

According to the Real Christmas Tree Board (RCTB), a “real tree” advocacy group, wholesale prices of Christmas trees will likely increase this year, thanks to many factors, including - yup, you guessed it - inflation. 

Back in August, the RCTB surveyed fifty-five wholesale growers of real Christmas trees throughout the country and found that most farmers plan to increase their prices. 

Seventy-one percent of these tree farmers predicted that their wholesale price of Christmas trees would increase five to 15 percent compared to 2021, with some of those farmers saying their prices would likely increase as high as twenty percent. 

The reasons?

  • 44% of the farmers surveyed were concerned about freight, shipping, logistics, or supply chain slowdowns
  • 35% said they were worried about the rising costs due to inflation
  • 33% stated they were concerned about weather conditions
  • 25% of Christmas tree farmers were worried about a lack of supply
  • 21% said they were concerned about labor availability and cost

Just like everything else in 2022 - gas, food, products, and more- we can expect to pay more for the things we need around the holidays, including our beloved real Christmas trees. 

If you’re a stickler for buying “the real thing” when it comes to your holiday tree, prepare to shell out extra. Otherwise, maybe this is the year you finally break and get a (gulp) fake tree for the holidays.

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