A new kind of bar is welcoming patrons in Upstate NY, and let us be the first to say: Utica needs one of these!

Morgan's Cereal Bar has officially opened in Rochester, their wall adorned with every kind of breakfast cereal imaginable - just like an upscale restaurant might feature bottles of wine.

Owner Cheria Anderson says she saw a cereal bar in London in 2012 and another in New York City, and wanted to bring the concept to Rochester. She's definitely onto something because the line was out the door on opening day, according to rochesterfirst.com.

Their menu includes every kind of hot and cold breakfast cereal, and a host of other breakfast items, like waffles, that incorporate cereal as well. Their hours are currently limited to breakfast time, but let's me honest: you can eat breakfast cereal ANYTIME. Who among us hasn't has breakfast cereal for dinner. Or lunch. Or a midnight snack. Cereal has got to be one of the most versatile foods on the planet - what other food comes in super healthy AND super sugary versions?

None. That's right. Cereal has really earned it's spot atop the food supremacy pyramid.

That's why Utica needs one of these. Imagine - after a long night of Varick - sidling up to a different kind of bar and ordering yourself a big old bowl of Frosted Flakes. Or Captain Crunch. You know you want to.


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