The season premiere of Game of Thrones is coming up here in LESS. THAN. A. WEEK!!!!! You're either one of two kinds of people: those who watch Game of Thrones, or those who listen to people talk about Game of Thrones. To celebrate the final season of GOT, HBO and the American Red Cross "forged an alliance, challenging fans and donors to show their bravery and valor by bleeding #ForTheThrone."

The event challenges fans to donate blood and in return they are entered for a chance to win one of five trips to the season 8 world premiere of "Game of Thrones."

While supplies last from March 7-12th, blood donors can get a T-shirt and (with the blood throne like in the poster above) and sticker, plus a unique Snapchat filter to the event.

You can head to the Utica Blood Donation Center on Commerical Drive in New Hartford today and tomorrow to qualify for that t-shirt.

The sweepstakes promotion runs until March 17th at participating American Red Cross locations. For more information and to view other locations/make an appointment, visit their website.

I know a few people who donated and got a t-shirt. Are you/will you be one of them? It would be great if they had the special Game of Thrones Oreos as a snack (which are now available in CNY retailers by the way!)

I know what I'm not ready for: the show to end. *sadface*

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