Do you want to buy a New York Lottery scratch-off ticket but don't want to get out of your card to head into a store? Now there’s an app for that called Jackpocket.

According to the Times Union, the New York state Gaming Commission approved a plan allowing Jackpocket to buy scratch-off tickets for customers and have them mailed or delivered to their homes. So this process isn't an instant one like buying Mega Millions or PowerBall tickets online.

“Think of us as like Uber Eats or Instacart for the Lottery,”  CEO Pete Sullivan said.

So how exactly does this all work?

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The company uses a deposit system allowing players to put money into a Jackpocket account. The non-scratch-off tickets like Mega Millions or PowerBall are purchased are held by Jackpocket.

They buy the ticket, and then scan it and send a photo to the buyer, holding on to it until the winners are announced. If someone has a winner up to $600, they send the ticket by certified mail. For larger amounts people can come in and retrieve the tickets in person.

Is this available right now for scratch off tickets? Not yet. The scratch-off version will involve a subscription system in which players can buy bundles of tickets, such as 50 at a time.

Currently Jackpocket is so far the only such company to be licensed in New York.

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